They’re not over there
they’re here within
They’re not with us
they’re in the closest enclave
around us but not with us
Fake faceless freaky friends of no fame
they’re enemies of your progress

a cog in your wheels
Bunch of stalkers and backstabbers

In your presence, they laugh with you
behind your back, they laugh at you
Nothing to do to satisfy them
They’re your evening stalkers
they lead you to bed at night
They wake you up in the morning
starting where they stopped
They hear and see you
they trace your footsteps
They talk freely about you
to themselves; among themselves.
You’re their object of caricature
the major subject in their gossips
Oh, what a fake freaky little life to live

Bunch of snooping losers!
They sit around in vain
Gossips are their gospels
Idle talks are their creed
Know they much better about others
yet, ignorantly nothing about themselves
Like hidden camera, they focus on others
but totally forget their own idiosyncrasies
Oh, what a futile life of bondage!
Oh, what a useless bunch of slaves!

You are a looser!
Your life is your torture
your existence is a mistake.
your nosy disposition
your arrogant ego
your selfish desires
your mannerless upbringing
They’re your doom
They’re your self-destruction
They’re your water-loo
Afford life and get one
Live it out of others
Remove your eyes
from others fry pot,
Make meaning out of your life
Live better without negativity
And stop blowing others affairs
insanely out of their proportions


Amebo is originally from Yoruba Language loosely translated or meaning, “idle gossipers”. It’s today used freely all over Nigeria since it got into Nigerian Pidgin English diction. Though some people might use it today positively in information and communication world to mean gist, but it has never affected the original meaning.

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