Facts are very obstinate things indeed
Their quitting remains a comprehensive illusion
So pay we to facts great heed
Before posterity swiftly sweep them to their accomplishment

Imagine how we’ve turned thy great love ridicule
God of Hosts hidden calmly in a host so white
Frequently, we observe before us this miracle
Those controls by their flesh foolishly give doubts still

The fact is the Divine presence in a manner precious
In flesh, bone, blood, mind, soul, divinity and heart
Hidden before eyes in the Host too whitish and mysterious
The Great Host that nourishes and sustains the church

Seen is the white host by the men of the flesh
Those in the spirit experience the Great Host
Encountering Christ with maximum satisfaction and abundant relish
Body the host; spirit the Host

Totally can this mystery not be comprehended
A fairy tale indeed in the ears of the faithless
Let thou the worldly wise forever be reprimanded
For thou art but morons in spiritual matters

Give thee we thy due honour, oh Eucharistic heart
To experience this love that keeps thee a prisoner perpetually
Keep our minds and hearts fully alert
To recognize and respect this thy precious presence

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Ugonna Johnbosco Ezeomedo (ojombo) is a philosopher, poet, educationist, web developer and social & political analyst. He lives in Awka – Nigeria. He loves working with computer and other creative works.

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