Religion has its own peculiar way of making people to feel guilty. Yes, religion can make us feel so bad about ourselves by always posing as incorruptible moral judge using the rudiments of moral codes it might have designed. Feeling guilty for our deeds which religion condemns is one of the ways of making that religion the major controller of our humanity and then religion can now come in as arbiter to tell us what to do in order to amend our ways with God.


The moral concept of religion is mostly designed to make people who adheres to it to feel bad about themselves when they derail from the teachings of such religions. Moral theology has this audible voice of authority that it exerts upon all those who subscribe to a particular religion it governs. The moral codes in the teachings of moral theology is therefore restricted to be built solely upon the basic moral pronouncements of the religion which most often were written under strong influence of prejudices.


Most often, religion could be seen in the same mirror as some men who when rejected by ladies to go on date with them would angrily take verbal revenge on the women by calling them ‘sluts’. That’s the same concept that surround the word ‘infidel’ as meaning someone who has not accepted the proposals of such religion to adopt or adapt to its observances, and therefore being converted to such religion.


In a strict sense, religious infidelity could also be committed by people that though they belong to a particular religion, but they also reject some of its dictates and commands. Every religion wants the whole world to adhere to its tenets and ideologies, but the fact or the blunt reality is that such dream would never come true. No one religion or religious ideology will ever dominate the world, and no one religion would be practiced by everyone in the world. Thus, it is time to wake up anyone who is still dreaming and living in this impossible illusion.


Religions are always greedy when looking for more followers. The greediness employ by religion makes it to deploy a lot of unnecessary measures to make people succumb to its proposals. All through the ages, a lot of irrational measures had been used by religions to convert people into their folds. Most often, they use intimidation, force and discrimination to achieve their aims. Preaching religion through the power of the swords, arms and ammunitions are today becoming rampant especially in this age of radical Islam.


With religious and social unrest in the Middle East caused by Islamic radicalization to their ever increasing dangerously radical franchises across the other parts of the globe especially Africa, including the infamous Boko Haram in the North-East of Nigeria (though they are already expanding their territories to other parts of Nigeria and West Africa), the world free from religious intolerance is fast becoming a mirage. The ideology of creating or recreating world with one religion has spurred some religious fanatics into action as they closed their minds, and look bent to achieve their elusive goals.


When an Islamic extremist for instance call someone an “infidel”, he has already given enough excuse to maim or kill such person. All non-Muslims for them have this inglorious tag of being infidel. Thus, not being Muslims for them is enough reason for them to kill others. To these fanatics, non-Muslims are sub humans and don’t deserve to live. These are the kind of philosophies and ideologies that formed some notorious Islamic Jihadist groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab and every other jihadists’ franchise across the globe. They kill because they cannot afford to share the world (which they all want Islam to dominate) with people they have already tagged as ‘infidels’.


A religion tags you an infidel when you rejects its courtship to become one of its adherers. Islamic use of the word ‘infidel’ might not be too different from Christian use of ‘unbelievers’ with which today some
Christian sects still openly discriminate against the so called ‘unbelievers’. Being a religious infidel or unbeliever means that you refused to adopt the religion as true and then live by its tenets and observances. If you are called an infidel by some radical Muslims, then you are as good as dead. Killing an infidel is then being erroneously taught to them to be doing ‘good work’ for God’s sake, and such ‘good work’ make you to deserve some kind of eternal rest in God’s paradise in afterlife. Show me then he who doesn’t want to be in paradise, and I will show you the only person who cannot kill for the sake of that religion which has mandated its adherers to kill ‘infidels’ to get a direct entry into eternal life in paradise.


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