1. Americanah
2. Dear Ijeawele
3. Half of the Yellow Sun
4. Purple Hibiscus
5. The Thing Around Your Neck
6. We Should All Be Feminists

1. Antihills of the Savanna
2. Arrow of God
3. Chike and the River
4. Collected Poems
5. Education of a British-Protected Child
6. Girls at War & Other Stories
7. Hopes and Impediments
8. No Longer at Ease
9. There Was a Country
10.Things Fall Apart

1. A Dance of the Forests
2. Bacchae of Euripides
3. Ake
4. A Play of the Giants
5. Burden of Memory, Muse of Forgiveness
6. Death and the King’s Horseman
7. Open Sore of a Continent
8. The Interpreters
9. Climate of Fear
10.Of Africa
11.You Must Set Forth at Dawn

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