The love I reserved for you
The enticing feelings in my soul
Buried deep inside my lovely heart
In the lonely lovely chilled garden
In midst of quietude as silent as graveyard
In the ambiance reflection
Of the radiating love from my heart
Where I always retract to admire
The beautiful togetherness of our souls

It was something real
It was so refreshing
It was something so deep
It was something undefined
It was something to behold
That unconquerable feeling within
the unrelenting urge unseen
the mundane force of attraction
Colliding our hearts together
in such beautiful reckless abandon

Though not yet ascertained
But many might think otherwise
Either lust or infatuation
Or unnecessary crush for you
But deep inside me
I know it was real
Never did I blame it on force of gravity
That wasn’t responsible for my fall for you
or for the love we once had and shared.

But you have chosen
to dump the memories
and deleted our good old days
Cuddles, arms in arms
Kisses, lips on lips
I hate the feelings to say goodbye
To someone deep rooted in my heart
someone I always want to spend with
every minutes of the day

Though I might be weak and feeble
crushed down by your attitudes
betrayed by your unfaithfulness
blackmailed by my love for you
But the fact has dawn on me
Let’s ignore each other
and live as if we never existed

But deep down, we both know
it wouldn’t have ended like this
It’s not this goodbye, no, it’s not it
that hurts the most
but the flashback of memories,
of good times shared and cherished
now, it’s over and out.
I’ll never fall for you again

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