The city burning in high frequency
fatal disaster looms, the world in danger
the high rise in intolerance scares me
Hatred for diversity in nature baffles me
some diversities beyond our limits

Why avoiding me?
I ‘m not the monster
I’m just different
and this is just me
none of us can change a thing

When things are difficult to be changed
we learn to live with them
Tolerance becomes the solution
without which impending disaster visits
and knocks us down from every angle

I know you are different

But let’s live in peace
Your freedom; your right stops
Where mine starts
The secret of harmonious coexistence

War and violence have rocked the world
Because of intolerance, phobia for the other side
Total disregard of others’ rights and freedom
In blind; selfish pursuit of own benefits or illusion
That donates bleeding bodies to early graves

You aren’t the ideal man in world
We both have our limitations
Just as we have our strengths
Harmonious living is the solution
To cross-fertilize ideas for better future

Stop the killings, shun the segregation
They are crimes against humanity
Shedding my blood makes you a vampire
Segregation creates a monster out of you
I’m sure you can do better.


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