No cause to celebrate independence
We’re not yet at it
All, a mere exchange of guards
From cruel oppressors to brutal rulers
From frying pan to fire; all the same; worse
Man’s inhumanity to fellow extolled

Our brothers become our oppressors
Comfortable in our discomforts
Relaxed in our sorrowful moods
Celebrating our perpetual poverty
Which they consciously inflict on us
No courageous combat nor confrontation
They; our neo-colonizers
What a man’s inhumanity to fellow!

With weapons, the cruel masters conquered
Fears in the marrows of their oppressed
O! They stole our integrity
Tampered with our collective psyches
Then, they deified themselves
Carting away our rich resources
Man’s inhumanity to fellow esteemed

Our brother; our stocks, copied them
Even worse than the colonialists
They sit tight to inflict us with bitter pains
Their feet to wash to feed
Succumbed we with no complaint
But our rights; our freedom denied
Man’s brutality to fellow exulted

Their political mad ambitions
A chance to loot our treasury
Demanding kudos for their insincerity
Our youths; prisoners of political manoeuvres
Corrupting our future generations
Leading us into sack – ended road
Where neither progress nor return exists
What a man’s brutality to fellow!

Time is coming; time to time their time
Our vindication in fast approach
We must rise to repay them
Each as each accordingly
Their bad stocks out of existence
Then the courage would come
Real independence celebrated for once
Free from fear of their oppressions
Away with the parasites deep in our marrows.

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