it happens in my mind
It’s product of my imaginations.
It might be
an escape from my weary body
Or the blissful union
of my semi-mortal soul
I’m connected to nothing by nothing
with no one, and to no destination
I’m lonely.

I’m here
all alone,
and all by myself.
No one cares
No one comes around.
I‘m like my own slave
abducted and tortured by my boredom
I’m lonely.

I was left alone
all by myself.
No, I was not left alone
Loneliness resides here with me
He came to torment me
and to offer his bitter pills
No saviour in the neighbourhood
All friends and foes are gone
totally out of my enclosure
How could I defeat this monstrous monster?
Who’s there to rescue my soul?

And unknown voice breaks:

isn’t being alone.
It’s more than self-isolation
It’s not being deserted
It’s not being without friends
neither, is it without your family

Loneliness is in your mindset
He lives there to conquer you
He stays there to dominate you
But then you need to win
And show him the exit
The worst loneliness
is in the midst of uncaring friends.

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