Count not the cost to trust
Trust not the later reward
Null and selfish; such a trust
Man an enemy of self

Bundle of possibilities indeed
Dangerous in prediction
His self beyond his trust

Craves he more good to do
More prey to evil becomes
Trust to neighbour beyond his reach
When his action is full of doubt

In the womb enclosure I prayed for birth
Too anxious to meet the world
Imagine only nine months preparation
I rushed out to change the world
Disappointment and frustration my lots.

Building a home; another castle in the air
Easily provoked; endless rolling of tears
Interested I become in old age
So influenced by the activities of the elders
Chains of old age troubles yet concealed
O! What a beautiful enclosure the womb was

Childhood is golden; childhood is freedom
Freedom of worries and pains
Freedom from conscience decay
come back! Oh my golden childhood
Daily you increased my trust
Harm and poison in my tales by moonlight only
Created then reflected creator
My trust knew no reason nor counted cost
Oh what emotional years of mine?

Joyful tears in another’s smile
Heart breaking tears in a weeping scene
Heavens can only give my action a reason

what a wonderful trust?
What a golden childhood
I wish you allow me, o age!
To return to my golden moments
Bodily I doubt; spiritually I mean
to amend the past for future
to be taught to count not the cost to trust.


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Ugonna Johnbosco Ezeomedo (ojombo) is a philosopher, poet, educationist, web developer and social & political analyst. He lives in Awka – Nigeria. He loves working with computer and other creative works.

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