Because I am religious
And believe in divine intervention
Prayer is the solution is the admonition
When things go topsy-turvy, untamed
But daily my promised land is farther

Nigeria, I pray no more
Thy leaders are thy destroyer
When God‘s blessings flow to thee
From left, right and centre, yet
Corrupt leaders hijack it all for selves

Why should I keep on praying?
Turn me not into praying mantis
because I know the depth of the corruption
while the leaders have exiled our God
Could He answer us from far off land?

Nigeria, I pray no more
No God can do for man
Same that man can do for self
Stop provoking God, get it right
Remove our hopes from kegs of gunpowder

Nigeria, I pray no more
Until the years I wasted praying for thee
Become fruitful, and wind of change blowing
Then can we celebrate the return of thy God
Who thy constant failures have taken away


(This poem was written in October, 2010 but most of its lamentations are still in place)

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Ugonna Johnbosco Ezeomedo (ojombo) is a philosopher, poet, educationist, web developer and social & political analyst. He lives in Awka – Nigeria. He loves working with computer and other creative works.

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