Oh you daughter of repetition!
Oh you daughter of instability!
You come and go.
You come and go.
Blinking away like twilight
fading out soon like ghost
Shrouded in mystery

beyond the pale.

Spirit of reincarnation
Spirit of fluctuation
You come and go
You come and go
Stay here, no
Stay there, no
One foot here
the other there
Leave us alone
Go back and never come back
Stay here and never go back
Oh, spirit of distraction!

You die off like chickens
infected with deadly flu
Letting out our tears
Hope, totally lost and melted
You bundled out our joys
Lavished our efforts
Rendered our struggles useless

Stop coming here
No more places in our land
to bury your evil carcass

Every time, you leave us in tears
wasting our resources
yet you won’t stay any longer
always sick, sad and sapped
and offer us doses of bitter pills
Ogbanje! Stay away from us.


Ogbanje is a belief in Igbo culture that some spirits incarnates, born as children by some parents, but always die during their childhood, only to reincarnate again and come back to the same home, and the same parents. These parents would continue to experience the loss of their children until certain rituals are performed, and the unstable spirits are spiritually tamed to stay here without dying anymore.

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