Sex for me
Sex for you
Sex for us
Even them too
Oh, what a beautiful thing

It is not how that matters
But with whom it happened
Then, where and when it is done
Surely, that’s much ado about sex

Mind with whom it happens
It can result to abuse
Mind where it happens
It can spread scandal
Mind when it happens
It’s worth waiting for

Sex is for pleasure
Sex is for leisure
Sex is for life
Sex is for love
But love is not for sex

Talk about sex every day
Shout it louder if you can
We’re all from sex factory
Products of past fruitful sex
And sex still torments us
And squeeze some life out of us
Just to make another life

Sex is general among us
One unique common thing
It has no tribe, no colour, no race
No boundaries too
We’re all enslaved by sex
Really, sex is a beautiful thing.

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Ugonna Johnbosco Ezeomedo (ojombo) is a philosopher, poet, educationist, web developer and social & political analyst. He lives in Awka – Nigeria. He loves working with computer and other creative works.

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