Raped and wrapped in agony
Stripped of my innocence
Brutally disfigured by the invader
I was down and out, mesmerized
Hope lost and hopelessness loomed
My pride, my virginity stolen

No help came from anywhere

All my cries of woe in vain
I was left abandoned with the rapist
Pants torn apart
Privacy exposed to explore
I was raped and wrapped in bitter pains
Left in the cold, recklessly abandoned

I was raped by the society
The evils I know, he taught me
Lesser good I have learnt from him
Though he condemns me for being me
Despite he daily raped my mind
Left me exposed, dejected and vulnerable

I was raped by the society
When my conscience was still virgin
When I knew lesser evils and was happy
He polluted my conscience
Implanted the ever growing evil in me
How dare he condemn me today?
For yielding the fruits he planted

Society stole my virginity

The reason I suffer for no just cause
I am the reflection of the society
His undeniable product
He created me in the image he wished
now, he wants to disown me

I’ll not relent or be coerced again
I’ll wake up and see the pains gone
and accept no more judgment from this rapist

About Author /

Ugonna Johnbosco Ezeomedo (ojombo) is a philosopher, poet, educationist, web developer and social & political analyst. He lives in Awka – Nigeria. He loves working with computer and other creative works.

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