Only if you know me a little better
And understand my deep inner feelings
Only if you know how I have tried
And never relented nor got tired
Then you’ll stop judging me

Only he that wears the shoe
Knows where it pinches
There are things in my life
That none could imagine
Yet, they remain my deep secret
But never shall you judge me again

I came naked to the world
I had nothing at birth
The world gave me everything
Even the life I live is a gift
My thoughts and actions was polluted
The world formed the habits in me
Through nature and nurture
The good, the bad and the ugly ones
So blame me not but the world

What about you my judge?
You too have your own hidden secrets
even more dangerous and disgusting
than the one you want me in jail
Remove the log of wood in your eyes
before trying to dust my eyes

Who made you the moral judge?
Who decorated you in judge’s robe?
To condemn and disgrace me
And make me look like a disease
For the sake of my habit

And what you deemed wrong in me
yet you still have worse up your sleeves
many dreaded skeletons in your cupboards

Free me now, oh you bunch of hypocrites!
You turn into judges when others are involved
And defending attorneys when you are involved
that’s life of double standard and bigotry
Before you judge me again
Be sure you’re clean, undefiled, impeccable

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