The victims are no longer here
They’ve gone many miles away
Gone into the world beyond
Gone into the world of bliss
Gone into the world of rest
Out of agonies and hopelessness
The victims are no longer suffering
They’ve been relieved of their agonies
Their hopes have been restored beyond
And all their pains gone in a twinkle

The victims are remembered here
Their bodies, here were dismembered
They were both victims and sacrifices
Never our official national heroes
But peculiar heroes of our inspirations
The victims gave us hope and courage
Assurance that our struggles are noted
Not by the political class
But by the ordinary masses; the sincere citizens
Those who championed their causes to the end
Even years after they were slaughtered for nothing
At the altar of hatred, prejudice and intolerance

The victims were persecuted alive
The victims saw their deaths coming
The victims cried for help but got none
They were lead to the slaughter in tears
Murdered for what they believed in
Killed for no offence, but out of prejudice
And today they are gone
Only the scary ghosts of the victims remain
Blood flood of tears gushing down their cheeks
Waiting for justice that might never come

The victims are those slaughtered
In all nooks and crannies of this country
And all the freedom fighters
Across Africa, across the world
They are the true victims, they are our true heroes
Those who died of hunger and starvation
Because of the endless unnecessary struggles
For power, fame and money
The victims are those whose bones were scattered
By swords, by bombs, by bullets
And their bodies littered the streets
The rivers of their blood flowing
Still fresh and flowing endlessly
Till justice is done, and punishment is severed
They are the true victims, they are our true heroes




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